Lesbian Rape Sweet Honey Juice (1991)

Free Download Rape Movie Lesbian Rape Sweet Honey Juice (1991). Sexual abuse scene in mainstream movies.

Movie Info: A mentally unbalanced lab technician who works at a university develops a lesbian crush on her new assistant. The lab tech is also obsessed with becoming a parent and so hires a man to rape and impregnate her young girlfriend. She then plans to kill the man when it comes to collect his reward.

Release: 1991

Cast: Rei Takagi, Emi Sugimoto, Kôichi Imaizumi

Duration: 01:28:06 | 745 MB

Directed by: Hisayasu Satô

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Also known as: Garashu no silencer, Silencer Made of Glass, Rezubian reipu: Amai mitsujû

Associated with : mainstream rape, rape movie